Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday News and Notes

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Friday’s game could not have started out any better for the Twins. The Twins offense was being patient making A.J Burnett throw pitches that they could drive. The offense was getting RISP (Runners in Scoring Position). Scott Baker was throwing a gem through three innings.


After a HR and some hard hit balls, the Twins found themselves down by one. The next inning, the Hometown kid, Joe Mauer tied the game with clutch a two out HR. Next inning, Gardner singles with Teixeira driving him in next at bat with a single. The bright spot of the bottom of the inning was a beautiful throw by Delmon to nail Teixeira at the plate.


The seventh inning was the most important inning of the game. In the top of the seventh, the M&M boys got it going with two RBIs. The bottom of the inning couldn’t have gone worse for the Twins with a single and then a double. The Twins then walk Teixeira to load the bases for Alex Rodriguez. Gardy decides to bring in Matty Guerrier (who was 4-6 with two HRs A-Rod) to face Rodriguez. Rodriguez gets a ball that hung and drove to left-center to give the Yankees a 7-4 lead. The Twins could not recover after this. This was a huge key to the game. Gardy went against numbers (claiming he never knew them). By putting in the gopher-baller Matty Guerrier, Gardy could have ultimately cost the Twins the game and possibly the series.

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